Friday, February 3, 2012


I have wanted to make pendants like thsi for awhile now. I finally found the materials on ebay and after a few mess ups before Christmas 2010 (when all my friends were supposed to get them for Christmas, but only a few did), I came up with this:

The glass tile and bezel are off of ebay. At first I tried printing out the letter, but it smeared when I glued it to the tile. I finally settled on rub on letters (which limits your font a bit). I used diamond glaze to seal the back and attach the bezel. I also made all the "chains" out of cord. I was able to give them as birthday presents to my girlfriends throughout 2011.

When I was at Scrapfest with a couple of friends in September, we happened upon a bead store that was doing a make and take to try metal stamping. I've seen it lots of places like here and thought that it was a hobby I was not going to be able to do. Not so! The store was so helpful...I bought a few more blanks (the silver pieces you stamp onto) and they let me use the letters from the make and take to make these for Ryan and Jillian! Then, they showed us how to make the jewel drops using their tools! These cost $10-$25 online, and I made all of this for under $5!! I was deliriously excited! 

So, when I saw something this on the website I linked above, I thought, "I can make that!" And I did!

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