Friday, February 3, 2012

Christmas Projects

Pinterest is this collaboration lover's DREAM! Thousands of projects that I can steal mimic!

First up in December, I made these fun donuts for Ryan's class for snack one day (I'm trying not to be THAT mom.):

My kids ornaments for this year are not from pinterest, but copied from some decorations I saw at my SIL's house last year:

This family ornament was from pinterest. Made out of sculpy, the lights are our pinky prints:

Card inspired by pinterest. I don't make my own Christmas cards, but I do make a few (10 or so) that I can use for gifts and thank you notes (as a teacher, it's good to have these on hand!):

I got a lot of these projects done when we went to visit my mom in NC the week before Christmas. It was a great setting t get them done! This was from pinterest. My friend Gretchen (who is great at sewig and embroidery) made one first (using fusible web and sewing the ribbon down) and was sweet enough to give me her ribbon to use. I was lazy and bought some fabric glue instead, but I'm pretty pleased wiht how it turned out!

Even cuter on my little model:

Finally, a little present for my in-laws. I finally found something to do with all the wine corks I've been saving!

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