Monday, June 16, 2008

Mini Albums

I have not done any work lately on my family albums or Ryan's, but I have been busy with other projects. In May I tackled a digital album and loved it. Still doing it from pre-designed pages, but moving things around a little more. I did it for Ryan's class and some of the other parents bought copies, too. Such a nice plus to digital-you can easily do multiple copies!

Then I finally did my little Team Trek album. I've doe a little journal style album all three of the years I have accompanied our juniors on the trip. This one was very easy because I just made it 4x6 and zuttered it together. Didn't have to paste many pictures in, just punched them in with everything else.

I plan to do something similar with all the prom pictures I have of my kids.

Finally, I completed an album for my sister for her birthday of our adventures from her birthday last year. I used a kit I bought last fall and all the goodies in it. She got it this weekend so I can show pictures now!

Birthday bracelet

My mom made me this for my birthday.

A few years back I made her a "Nanny" bracelet for Christmas and I kept meaning to make a "Ryan" one for me. I was so surprised and excited to get it. She even made it a little small, as my wrists are one part of me that have stayed unusually tiny, and she used turtle charms on it! So cool! Thanks mom!