Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Project Life: Week One

I was so excited to get my first week done, that I took some really bad pictures with my iphone and am posting them. (Sadly, I was all set to post the same evening I made this, but blogger's being a pain about uploading pictures!)

I have been on the fence about what kit I want to use for 2013. I was going to order Seafoam, but I had downloaded (and then printed) a bunch of free cards from the internet. I used some Snap freebies to create my title page:

This may change as the year goes on...I wanted a picture of each of us (I added our names and ages as of the start of the year on those little banner strips) and I wanted a picture of us on New Year's Day. The picture quality is bad (too late in the day and too dark), but I may keep it. I will probably add our Christmas card picture to the title page later in the year.

The first week:

I think I can get by with some snap products, the freebies, and things I have created on my own. A lot of the time I use pictures and memorabilia anyway, so I probably don't need a whole kit. 

Week 1: The first picture is actually from New Year's Eve which was Monday (I do mine Monday-Sunday, so sometimes I carry over New Year's Eve). I got the idea from Elise, and was able to play around in storybook. The quote card is a freebie from her as well.

 Page 2 with another few cards from the snap freebie set.

Then, Becky showed the new sets American Crafts is coming out with in May. I don't think I can wait that long, so I guess I'll have to wait to use one of those next year. *sigh* Rough life, right?

So I went to Archiver's yesterday and bought a bunch of snap 3x4 cards, 4x6 cards, and stickers (to make my own cards with the blank grid cards I have). Come back to the blog every now and then to see how it's going!

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JenniferL. said...

LOVE it! I need to get my 2013 rolling.