Monday, January 23, 2012

Project Life - Week Three

Really liking what I've done this week!

Had a bunch of memorabilia from Monday when the kids and I went to volunteer at Shelby Farms...the email a teacher sent out with all the service opportunities, the sticker the ranger gave all of us, and our groupd picture (label stamp from Papertrey Ink).

I journaled Monday-Wednesday al on one card:

Then come some inserts. First, a 6x12 protector for my friends' save the date. I think she got the idea off of Pinterest, but she designed it and assembled it herself:

And the inside. The knot tied as you opened the card (so cool!). I still need to add a little tab to it:

Second insert is 6x12 for 6-4x6 pictures. It's from Saturday when the kids and I had a day of high's and low's:

And the back:

I need to add one more insert with the pictures from Scott's trip to Detroit for the Auto Show. I have all the stuff for the insert, but the insert I want is out of stock. I like cutting down full size ones, and thought the stuff I had from his trip would fit nicely in one like this.

Finally, I did one of these little flipsters so I could do do three pictures for Sunday (hike in Stanky Creek, first finger nail painting, tornado warnings):

The labels on the last two pages are from a stack I've had FOREVER. Never really thought I'd use them, but I turned them over and the white side is perfect for this!

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