Monday, January 9, 2012

Project Life 2012 - Week One

I want to be like Ali, and Cathy, and Elise, and all the other women out there on the Project Life Bandwagon!

This is my 4th year using Project Life. I did a photo a day in 2009 when it was Project 365 from Creating Keepsakes. I am just about finished 2010, but did that much more at the pace of our lives and just let it fill in as it did. I have the kit and photos and memorabilia to do 2011, but haven't started it yet. And, I decided to go back and do 2008 (which never got into a traditional family album because I started doing PL in 2009) in this year's Clementine set. I am up through May on that one and liking the speed with which it is getting finished!

For the first time, I am going to try to hold myself accountable and do 2012 a week or so at a time. Posting here will hopefully help!

Here's my title page right now:

For now, it holds all the little cards that are "supposed" to go there. My method in all my albums has always been to pick my favorite family picture (and now pictures) from the year to go on the title page. So I will not be finishing this page until December. You can see some other great title page ideas here. And more here.

Here's week one:

My weeks are usually Monday - Sunday, but since January 1st was on a Sunday, this first week is Sunday-Sunday. This first page is actually all pictures from New Year's Day. The journaling blocks are for Sunday-Tuesday.

You can't tell it here very well:

But here you cansee that I included a 6x12 insert that holds 6 4x6 pictures. The ones on the front are from Monday and Tuesday to match the previous journaling blocks:

On the back are Wednesday and Thursday. I used a tab on this insert that I got in a pack from Office Depot.

On the last page are pictures from Friday-Sunday. I love how using some of these extra inserts allows me to add more pictures when I need to. I got the idea from Ali Edwards and you'll see me use it a lot this year!

Thanks for looking!

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