Sunday, March 1, 2009

Storage for Clear Stamps

My sister and husband both gave me a bunch of empty CD cases, and I finally got around to going through, organizing and pitching all our old CD's today while Scott worked on taxes (not often that we are both upstairs in the bonus room at the same time).

I know that the cases make a cute frame and I may use some to do activities for kids in the future, but I also wanted to use some to help organize my clear stamps (most of which were still in the plastic wrap they came in).

I organized them according to theme (like the journaling blocks below)
and then put them all in a little bin (from Bed, Bath, and Beyond).

I have many more cases if anyone is interested in trying this...just let me know!

1 comment:

JenniferL. said...

This is great! I may have to get a few of those cases from you. And I am even thinking of, dare I say it, unmounting my rubber stamps.