Saturday, February 28, 2009

Baby Girl's Album

I finally have gotten started on an album for Baby Girl. I am following the same formula I did for Ryan...calendar pages detailing the nine months before her birth. I'll then do calendar pages for her first year. When I did this for Ryan, it took me two volumes. Everyone says the second one gets fewer pictures, so we will see. :)

Here's a sample:

I am also keeping it very basic...I bought some cheap paper on sale at Archiver's to do the background, punched the month with my quickutz from cream watercolor paper, and on the second page, I am doing a write up on some paper ripped from a notebook (for the edge effect), and including a few family pictures highlighting the month. Makes for rather quick work, and hopefully I will be caught up to March by the time she arrives!

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cory said...

Can't wait to look at it in person! Lovely!