Sunday, February 10, 2008


In the past year I have discovered that I am "collaboratively creative." I do much better when I have others off whom I can bounce ideas, gain inspiration, or build off of. This happens in many facets of my life.

One of my favorite math lessons, "The Bear Problem" came from a simple math puzzle my department chair shared with us, and turned into a full class lesson with different levels for different abilities in Algebra 1 and 2.

Many of my scrapbook pages are "scraplifted" from magazines and the internet. I use my own pictures and tweak things to make it my own, but the inspiration- the light bulb, ah-ha moment- was courtesy of someone else.

This used to make me feel like I was totally un-original, but I think it just makes me a different kind of creative. I also love to share my ideas and pay it forward, if you will, so please feel free to steal any ideas you see here!


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