Thursday, February 10, 2011

Valentine's Day

The kids and I made these out of foam for Scott and their grandparents (I cannot get the picture to flip even though it is correct on my computer):

I got the idea from an Oriental Trading Company catalog.

I made this cute card to send to a few relatives:

Got the original idea from my friend Diane.


DianeC said...

cute cards. I love the felt Sign Language one the kids did. Thanks for the shout out. I sent that card to my brother and his wife and he called me all upset because we don't "do" Valentine's day cards for each other and I can't go suddenly sending him one. Only in my family do people flip out when I make a nice card. Hope you all are doing well.

cory said...

Loved catching up on the latest through this blog! I miss working with you on projects and seeing all your beautiful work!