Friday, November 5, 2010

Magnetic Photo Displays

When Scott and I went out in Charlotte back in May I found this great magnetic photo display and thought, 'I can make that!' I bought this one so I'd have a model, and proceeded to make 4 that I will be giving away for Christmas this year:

It is a 5' long, 1/4" metal cable you can buy at the hardware store, a ferrule and stop set, some tiny but super strong magnets from, and formy set, I glued buttons on the magnets instead of the little flowers. So easy and so cute!

For teachers, I covered a metal roofing tile (about 5 x 7) with pretty paper, rounded the corners wth Kelley's crop-o-dile corner chomper and punched holes so it can be used as a hanging photo holder:

or, if you put a screw and nut though the holes, it can stand up (I saw this at a craft show and was SOOOO excited because I really wanted these tiles to be able to stand and had no idea how I was going to do it. Brilliant!):

Again, I packaged these with the super strong magnets. This was Kelley's brainchild originally, though I never did get to see how hers turned out. A few of us went in together on the tiles, which she could only get in sets of 100.

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