Saturday, April 26, 2008

Got her game on!

With Scott out of town and a free Friday night, I emailed my crafty friends to see if anyone wanted to come over. Only Carrie took me up on it, and here's some of what we created last night.

I knocked a few more things of my "to be created" list with these cards:

these were based on some cards made by a woman at my school (remember Katy? It took a little while, but I found a smaller scalloped square punch).

and these were inspired by the ones Katy made a few weeks ago when she was here. Both are gifts for a friend.
Carrie, inspired by a set of felt letters and doo-dads she had, got her game on with this little album:
All she needs is to put in pictures! What a satisfying evening!


carrie ann said...

Had a blast & now am so inspired again! Thank goodness for a nice glass of wine, space to create and great company! I'm taking a quick break from rearranging my craft room right now (again)! :)

JenniferL. said...

Good friends and a glass of wine, the only thing Leann Rimes forgot is the crafting. Wish I could have been there.

Katy said...

These look great! Nice work, ladies.

cory said...

Beautiful! Gotta say I'm jealous. Especially when I saw that glass of wine! Sounds like a perfect evening. :)